A selection of web services provided by yours truly, and hosted on a cluster of raspberry PIs Everything is free as in gratis and also as in libre, sign up for whatever you like. Email me for help and I might respond, depending how busy I am. I'm not going to add advertising or sell your data for money.

I can't guarantee uptime. I've made a decent effort at security and backups, but nobody else has checked that.


Pleroma instance. A twitter-like microblogging & social networking service, part of the Fediverse.

Email service, also written by me and designed to be easy to deploy and administer yourself. Still very much under construction

Gogs is a github-like source control and issue tracker service.

Online storage for Padlock password manager.

Miniflux RSS reader.

An image editor that lets you paint 16x16 px pictures on a raspberry pi in my house.

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