Bike 2

I haven't posted about my bike for a while; there have been a couple of changes.

Firstly; the freehub broke, which put it out of action completely until I could get it to the shop. It wound up being cheaper to get a replacement wheel than try to fix the freehub, and since the rims were worn anyway it was an easy choice. The tyres had also perished slightly, so I opted for some new ones, this time hybrids. These make a huge difference to on-road cycling, it's now far easier to pedal!

The other difference is a recently purchased followme tandem set to connect my daughter's bike to mine. She is outgrowing the seat on my cycle but she's too young to ride on roads and not confident to ride her own yet. The followme seems like a good bridge to get her used to pedalling and having her own seat, but we can still cover a good distance for a day out. I was inspired by the review from cyclesprog. We tested it out today with a friend!

Myself and daughter on followme tandem, friend on road cycle